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      STIN Business Guide Service  
              STIN can arrange a 'reserved' local secretary, guide or interpreter for you when you're on a business trip in China, working like your own secretary at our end. The most important thing is that you will have the chance to stop you from professional scammers and learn the real Chinese cultures from local experts ! 

             This service is tailor-made for:
         Any visiting businessman worldwide
         Any visiting delegation or group worldwide
         Any visiting foreigner worldwide
              This service includes following work or assistance from STIN service team in China:
        Airport pickup;
        Hotels and taxis reservation;
        Guidance of shopping (including bargaining);
        Guide of tourism;
        Interpretation and negotiation support;
        Typing and printing;
        Arrangement of business meetings;
        Contact of Chinese manufacturers or partners;
        Contact of lawyers or other talents;
        Other work may be available upon request.  
         --- Would you like to smooth your business trips and save more time and cost in China?   Try Us Now !
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