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           STIN Factory (Supplier) Inspection & Auditing Service
Factory (Supplier) Inspection or Auditing Service is a kind of detailed verification services and it is the first step for your successful business (especially for large orders) in China. Around 85% of the Chinese trade companies or agents online or at local trade fairs would like to disguise themselves as a real factory in order to obtain big orders. Some professional scammers use 'fake' export licenses or business licenses to attract foreign clients. The purpose of any STIN factory auditing or inspection services is to disclose following information regarding their supplier in China:

           The full registered information;
           Management level;
           Export experience or qualifications; 
           Quality control measures;
           After-sale service measures;
           Bank credit etc;
   Factory (Supplier)  Inspection or Auditing Service is so far the best way to find out a long term business partner or a qualified factory in China, esp for OEM services. This service is catered for large orders or long term business relationship. We can also shoot a short video on your busines partner in this service upon request.  Typical audits can range from verifying simple business transactions, to full inspection or surveillance of a process or corporate social responsibility etc. Any sample report is available upon request.
            Would you like to find out the truth about your supplier in China?
            Would you like to work with a real qualified factory directly for sake of better quality control and after-sale services?   Try Us Now !
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