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        STIN Loading Process Supervision Service (LPS)
        Loading Process Supervision Service means STIN inspector shall go to the factory's warehouse together with the shipper, overseeing the process of loading on behalf of the clients in China after they pay the factory. The purpose of a Supervision of Loading Process is to make sure the factory will deliver the right Quantity or Quality after the buyer pays the order.

        Key features for Loading Process Supervision Service:  
       - Quantity check.
       - Package check
       - Record the container/ No. / truck No.
      - Check the inner and outer side of the container to see if there is any damage / wet / hole / peculiar smell etc.
      - Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with clients’specification
      - Supervise the whole loading process
      - Seal the container with the custom’s seal
      - Record the unique seal No. and departure time of container.

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