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      STIN Pre-production QC Inspection (PPI)
       The Pre-Production QC Inspection is an inspection of all the manufacturing equipments & machinery, raw materials, package, materials and components to be used for the smooth execution of your order.
       Our inspector shall check whether your supplier can completely understand your requirements  or not. The factory’s quality level, manufacturing process, production capacity, production standards, labels, package requirements, stock of raw materials, after-sale services and lead time etc shall also be checked and confirmed in this service.
       Key features for Pre-production QC Inspection Service:
       - Performed prior to mass production
      - Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements. 
      - Ensure your specifications and sourcing requirements are correctly understood by the factory
     - Make sure the factory is fully prepared to meet your expectations
     - Prevent any potential flaws and failure in the mass production 
     - Checking of stock of raw materials and production capacities
     - Prevent usage of wrong material, wrong components, wrong colors, etc
     - Check other aspects of the supplier required from the clients.
     STIN provides a range of Quality Control inspection services for overseas buyers, manufacturers, retailers and bulk commodity traders, including  pre-production, during-production, final random sampling, pre-shipment, and loading process supervision inspection etc.
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