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          STIN Fair /Show Representation Service is a part of our  Professional Sourcing service in China. Sourcing at local trade fairs is a common way for oversea buyers to find out a qualified supplier. Choosing a right trade fair may save you lot of time and cost sometimes. Here are some famous trade fairs or expos for your reference:
 Canton Fair: www.cantonfair.org.cn --Complex
 East China Fair: www.ecf.gov.cn --Complex
 China Yiwu Fair: http://en.chinafairs.org --Complex
 Furniture China (www.furniture-china.cn ) -- Furniture
 CIFF (http://www.ciff-gz.com ) -- Furniture
 FurniSup (www.gzfma.com) -- Furniture Raw Materials and Accessories
 CIDE (http://www.door-expo.com ) -- Door industry
 Lock China (http://www.lock-china.net )  -- Lock industry
 MICAM Shanghai (www.micamonline.com.cn)  -- Footwear Industry
 CIFL (www.cifl-expo.com ) -- Footwear Industry
 For more professional fair information China, please click here for details:
       As the cost for attending a fair in China is going higher and higher for most of the foreign businessmen, more and more SME foreign companies are seeking help from us. STIN can represent you at any fair with your detailed sourcing requirements; STIN staff shall collect enough business information and supplier information upon request at every fair. What the client has to do is to list out all their requirements and pay us the low service fee and the travel cost. It is quite cost-effective in China! So far we have attended the famous Canton Fair, CHT, HAF and etc for many foreign companies worldwide. We have got enough experience in sourcing any product for foreign companies at the fairs and we have saved plenty of energy, time and money for our clients in China!!!

         STIN Fair /Show Participation Service is quite popular now due to following reasons:
 1. STIN can not only save you much time, energy and cost etc in China but also STIN staff can check out your suppliers free of charge later to make sure they are NOT a professional scammer.
 2. Not all the qualified factories or suppliers shall attend the fair every time in China owing to the high cost. That is to say, sometimes you cannot find out even ONE qualified supplier after you spend thousands of USD on such a fair in China. STIN staff can go to the manufacturing bases to meet more qualified suppliers when necessary with some extra travel cost. What  would you think if you cannot find out a qualified supplier after spending tens of thousands of USD at the fair ?
 3. There are too many trade companies and agents at the fair every time, but for us we can check out any company easily and then you will be able to work with some real factories or exporters for better service and price, esp when you're looking for OEM factories.
 4. Even if when you are in China, the professional scammer can also cheat you easily if you cannot speak Chinese. For example, one of our USA clients was previously cheated by an agent who took him to a factory that he claimed to own but turned out to have nothing to do with him. 
 5. As a professional sourcing team in China, STIN can source some real and qualified factories or exporters for you from local markets too if there are not enough qualified suppliers at the fair.

         Would you like to save more time, energy and cost in finding out a qualified supplier by attending fairs in China? Please simply email us your sourcing requirements (product name, descriptions, specifications, applications, quantity and quality requirements etc) and Try Us Now !


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