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         STIN Business Investigation Service     
         STIN Investigation Service is catered for any corporate, project or individual investigation demand. It plays an increasingly important role in reducing the business risks in the field of foreign investment, international trade and other big projects in China, covering:
         Company background checking; 
         Business fraud investigation;
         Market Survey;
        Assets tracing;
        Fulfillment ability investigation;
        Bankruptcy and background investigation;
         Litigation investigation;
        Criminal and civil records investigation;
        Intelligence investigation;
        Pre-employment investigation;
        Marital investigation;
        Phone number checking;
       Civil affair Investigation;
       Address investigation etc.
        In a word, STIN is able to offer investigation service based on the detailed requirements from the clients worldwide. We are acting as your eyes and assistants, and our mission is to find out the truth with your eyes for you in China !

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