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STIN Consulting Service -- Company Registration Service

Invest in China? Come to STIN for a better solution!
If you’d like to sell or distribute your products or services in China, you have to invest and register your company. Most of the direct investment comes in the forms of sino-foreign cooperative enterprises, sino-foreign joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and joint development. Other investment methods include compensation trade, processing and assembly etc.

STIN is offering you consulting services in following aspects:
1. How to choose a right place to invest?
2. How to lease a right office?
3. How to register a right company or representative office?
  i. Basic Methods for Direct Foreign Investment
  ii. Forms of Foreign Investment
  iii. Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registry. (WFOE)
  iv. China Foreign Investment Enterprise Establishment Procedure
  v. Chinese Company Registration Procedure
  vi. How to Register a Representative Office in China
4. How to employ qualified local staff?
5. How to solve the tax and legal issues ?
  i. China Taxation System
  ii. China Legal Frameworks
  iii. China Trial System
  iv. China Mediation System
  v. China Arbitration System
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