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          STIN On-line Sourcing Service

          Would you like to deal directly with a registered manufacturer instead of a middleman in China? We can find out the 'real' factories for you in China as we shall check out their Business Licenses directly with local officials in person. ( Please note that most of the suppliers you meet online or at the trade fairs are trade companies, agents, middlemen or even scammers etc. ) Do you have any trouble in locating a registered supplier or high-quality product in China ? Are you scared of being scammed by Chinese suppliers?

        STIN On-line Sourcing Service means STIN staff shall find out enough suppliers by contacting some professional Industry Associations by email or fax, for instance, if you are looking for some qualified sugar suppliers (factories) from China, you can contact China Sugar Association for help: China Sugar Association: www.cas.gov.cn  Almost all the well-known sugar brands are registered with CAS in China. All the sourcing service will be completed in the office. For more industry association information in China, please contact STIN staff for details or click here.

        STIN can offer a broad range of sourcing and outsourcing support services to a variety of clients, including governments, associations, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers etc, STIN outsourcing & sourcing services can save you lot of cost, time and energy etc in China. The purpose of any STIN sourcing services is to find out some qualified factories or exporters for their clients worldwide in China.  STIN Basic Verification service will be covered in this sourcing service in China.

           Would you like to save more time, energy and cost in finding out a qualified supplier from China? Please simply email us your sourcing requirements (product name, descriptions, specifications, applications, quantity and quality requirements etc) and Try Us Now !

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